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Antiques / Asian Antiques From Books by Jan


Oriental Antiques and Collectibles
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Oriental Antiques and Collectibles

By Chu, Arthur and Grace

Published by Crown, CR 1973, 248 pages with index and bibliography. Dust jacket and book are very good. Over 250 illustrations in black and white and color. Maroon covers with black spine and copper lettering. Shows current marke t condition, recent reproductions and a substantial amount of historical background information. Antiques, Oriental antiques, collecting oriental.. Hard Cover.


A Guide to Japanese Antiques

By Salmon, Patricia

New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold CR 1976, 1st printing. 256 pages with glossary and index with a Guide to Antique Shops in Japan. Black and white photos. Covers screens, porcelains, lacquerware, scrolls, chests, Netsake, woodblock prints and textiles. Covers and content very good condition.. First Printing. Soft Cover.