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Glen and Randa VHS.

By Jim McBride, Director.

United Home Video, 1986 . Very Good -- Near Fine VHS, 94 minutes. This story of a young couple, that sets off from the woods to look for Metropolis, based on his believe in his Superman comic. Featurees Steve Curry, Shelly Plimpton, and Gary Goodrow. (h) This VHS may have been a rental, because of the hard-shell case, but if so, it may not have been rented as it plays perfectly. When released in 1971, reviews ranked it with 2001as one of the great masterpieces of science fiction. There is nudity and adult situations, which seem quite tame and innocent today, but were enough for an X-rating in its time. A brilliant movie that convinces and entertains.


Meeting With Remarkable Men (VHS).

By Peter Brook (Director of film made from Gurdjieff's book) .

Remar Productions / Corinth Video, 1978. Cardboard Covers AS NEW in Slipcase VHS - 108 minutes, in color, in English, in original cardboard slipcase, very small dings on corners as is its function. Tape has been viewed only a few times on a regularly cleaned VCR and is as new. Remar and Corinth didn't do the world's greatest job in the transfer, but the videotape itself plays perfectly. (h) This is an amazing movie, not available on DVD, and rarely available on VHS. I first saw this movie at the Surf theater in San Francisco, and when it was over and the audience left, they were quiet and smiling, no post-movie small talk, and instead of heading for their cars, they did something I'd never seen before (or since) most of the people turned right and headed for the beach, still pensive and quiet. Features Dragan Maksimovic as Gurdjieff with Terence Stamp, Athol Fugard, Colin Blakely, Warren Mitchell, Gary Sunquist, and Donald Sumpter. Music by Thomas de Hartmann (who died in 1956), which he wrote in collaboration with Mr Gurdjieff while a student and associate from 1917 through 1929. Concludes with about 10 minutes of the whirling dances Gurdjieff called "movements." Brilliant adaptation, tape is hard to get and highly collectible.