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National Book Critics Circle Award for General Non-Fiction

2000 Winner


Newjack By Conover Ted

Acclaimed journalist Ted Conover sets a new standard for bold, in-depth reporting in this first-hand account of life inside the penal system.When Conover's request to shadow a recruit at the New York State Corrections Officer Academy was denied, he d... read more

1999 Winner

Time, Love, Memory

Time, Love, Memory By Jonathan Weiner

Also the author of THE BEAK OF THE FINCH, Jonathan Weiner lives in Bucks County, PA.

1998 Winner

We Wish To Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families

We Wish To Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families By Philip Gourevitch

We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families: Stories from Rwanda is a 1998 non-fiction book about the genocide of 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus in Rwanda in 1994, written by The New Yorker writer Philip Gourevitch.

1997 Winner

The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down

The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down By Anne Fadiman

The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down: A Hmong Child, Her American Doctors, and the Collision of Two Cultures is a 1997 book by Anne Fadiman that chronicles the struggles of a Hmong refugee family and their interactions with the health care system... read more

1996 Winner

Bad Land

Bad Land By Jonathan Raban

Jonathan Raban is the author of Soft City, Arabia, Old Glory, Foreign Land, For Love and Money, Coasting , and Hunting Mr. Heartbreak . He won the W.H. Heinemann Award for Literature in 1982 and the Thomas Cook Award in 1981 and 1991. He has also e... read more

1994 Winner

The Rape Of Europa

The Rape Of Europa By Lynn H Nicholas

The Rape of Europa: The Fate of Europe's Treasures in the Third Reich and the Second World War is the title of a book and a subsequent documentary film. The book, by Lynn Nicholas, explores the Nazi plunder of looted art treasures from occupied c... read more

1992 Winner

Young Men and Fire

Young Men and Fire By Norman MacLean

Young Men and Fire is a non-fiction book written by Norman Maclean and edited by his son, John Norman Maclean. It is an account of Norman Maclean's research of the Mann Gulch fire of 1949 and the 13 men who died there. The fire occurred in Mann G... read more

1991 Winner


Backlash By Susan Faludi

*Skillfully Probing the Attack on Women's Rights* "Opting-out," "security moms," "desperate housewives," "the new baby fever"--the trend stories of 2006 leave no doubt that American women are still being barraged by the same backlash messages that ... read more

1990 Winner

The Content Of Our Character

The Content Of Our Character By Shelby Steele

Shelby Steele (born January 1, 1946, Chicago) is an American author, columnist, documentary film maker, and a research fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, specialising in the study of race relations, multiculturalism and affirmat... read more

1987 Winner

The Making Of the Atomic Bomb

The Making Of the Atomic Bomb By Richard Rhodes

The Making of the Atomic Bomb, a book written by Richard Rhodes, won the 1988 Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction, a National Book Award and a National Book Critics Circle Award. The 900-page book is a narrative of the history of the people and ev... read more

1981 Winner

The Mismeasure Of Man

The Mismeasure Of Man By Stephen Jay Gould

The Mismeasure of Man is a 1981 book written by the Harvard paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould (1941–2002). The book is a history and critique of the methods and motivations underlying biological determinism, the belief that "the social and econ... read more

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